Hand drawn and Painted Art by Artist Diane Henry

Welcome to my site. The cats and dogs pictured above are examples of portraits I have painted from their owner’s photographs. They each have a story. There are rescues, feral cats, purebred and hybrid cross breeds even one with a missing eye. It’s my job to paint them to life telling their colorful story on canvas. I take special care to draw them accurately. Then I sit on the window seat in my North facing window and paint them using harmonious acrylic paint colors. I pay particular attention to the eyes as they are the mirrors of the soul.

When I think of my pets their face is what I see in my mind’s eye. From your favorite photographs my pet portraits are hand drawn and painted in acrylics on 8x8 gallery wrapped canvas 5/8 depth that show the face and a bit of neck or shoulder. The canvas sides are painted so a frame is not necessary. A finishing varnish is applied for protection.

Here’s how to begin. It is very important to have a good clear photo. Please send 5 photos with different angles on the face. Photos should be close up, in sharp focus with good light. Tell me about your pet’s style, personality, quirks and what you love most about them.

I will send you a cropped version of the photo that will make the best painting. Background colors are chosen to promote harmony with the subject. If you have a favorite color you want I can add it in. Send a 50% non-refundable deposit and I will begin.

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the finished painting to arrive. If the portrait is for a special occasion just let me know and I’ll try to meet your deadline within reason. I will send you a photograph of the finished painting for your approval. Upon your approval and receipt of the balance, I will mail the painting or you can pick it up if you are local.

I grew up in rural North Carolina with horses, cats, dogs, birds, chickens, rabbits, turtles, and a goat. I have been drawing and painting animals for as long as I can remember. I have a degree in art and have taken workshops and art classes as often as possible to stay current and learn new techniques. I am retired from advertising and photography to paint full time. Every morning I start painting with the sun on the window seat of my North light window and continue to paint as long as there is natural light. I can hardly wait to get started again the next day. 

"I was so amazed at how Diane was able to capture Mitzi's individuality that I commissioned another one of my corgi, PeteyPye. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Her style and use of color created art that makes me smile day after day." DF

"Diane did a portrait of my dog, Ginger.  I was more pleased they I can even express.  I have shown it to many people and all agree it looks just like her.  And it is so life-like, the nose seems to glisten and the eyes absolutely sparkle.  Ginger is 13 and I know she will not be with me forever, but I will have this portrait to be a constant reminder of the great companionship we shared for many years.  Thank you Diane for a great job." DP

"Diane did a fantastic job of capturing Atlas's  badass attitude and the spark of mischief in his eyes. Especially appreciated is her creative use of unexpected color highlights which somehow magically enhance reality. We couldn't be happier with the result. Thanks Diane!" CR

"Diane has an amazing ability to capture the soul of every animal she paints. Her attention to detail and incredible artistic talent combine to capture the true essence of an animal. I cried tears of happiness when I saw the amazing work she did for me. Long after my beloved Sugar is gone, I will forever be able to look in her eyes and be connected through this beautiful treasure." AH

"I commissioned Diane to paint a portrait of Buddy, my elderly cat and WOW. She captured his very spirit and personality. I’ve since asked her to paint my grand dogs for my kids and they are amazing too." PS

"Diane captured the spirit of my dog Callie who is 20. She is very lifelike". AC

"I received portraits of my two cats for my birthday. They perfectly captured my cat’s personalities. I love them so much. Diane is my grandmother and I can attest to the amount of care and detail she puts into her work. She will never put out a product she doesn’t think is perfect. If you want your pets to be immortalized, this is definitely the way to do it."  EH

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